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View of Rome and St. Peter’s dome from the top of the Spanish Steps.
(Seriously, go to the steps EARLY. Like, before the sun comes up. There will be no one there.)
Piazza di Spagna, Rome

"Whatever — the soup is getting cold."

- Last sentence of a mathematical theorem in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, 1518 (x)

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i broke up with my gym
we were just not working out

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"I am still every age that I have been. Because I was once a child, I am always a child. Because I was once a searching adolescent, given to moods and ecstasies, these are still part of me, and always will be … Far too many people misunderstand what ‘putting away childish things’ means, and think that forgetting what it is like to think and feel and touch and smell and taste and see and hear like a three-year-old or a thirteen-year-old or a twenty-three-year-old means being grownup. When I’m with these people I, like the kids, feel that if this is what it means to be a grown-up, then I don’t ever want to be one. Instead of which, if I can retain a child’s awareness and joy, and *be* fifty-one, then I will really learn what it means to be grownup."

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"Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent."

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It’s always a good time looking through photos @jordanvoth sends you via dropbox. Having talented friends is the coolest.


Kate Roebuck | Green Magnolia

Béatrice Martin shot by Virginie Khateeb

Let’s go someplace dark

Working late today with @adelineania.